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Google Play Surpasses 15bn App Downloads

Google has dominated the mobile platforms over the last year and has really seen a surge in App downloads in 2012, hence hitting the 15 Billion mark!  This is truly amazing, coming from an operating system that was hardly even heard of 2 years ago!   The news means that five million Apps have been […]

iPad Apps development London

iPad Apps development in London can be quite a chore when searching through Google.  Getting your digital mobile strategy in place is somthing that needs careful planning from the start.  The Bluestorm team are always at meetings throughout the UK strategising formulas that work within the new mobile digital arm. Overall, the digital world has […]

Tablets are making business deskphones a dying breed

The birth of the tablet-based smartphones has some less-than-obvious implications for corporate telephony More than one in five enterprises have already deployed iPads or other tablets, and 78% plan to deploy them by the end of 2013, according to a recent research. That trend is a major reason why the business deskphone is rapidly going […]

BBC News Online adapts mobile site to smartphone demands

Are you worried what your smartphone says about you? The BBC is not. The giant UK media mobile department is adopting a “four screens” strategy, with the overarching goal of creating a mobile news site that embraces devices of all specs, sizes and prices. Known as ‘responsive design,’ the company’s back end will reportedly tackle […]

Free Wi-FI on the London Overground!

Amazing news for London’s passenger’s on the London Overground who will soon receive free Internet access after a deal was struck to provide Wi-Fi connections at all 56 stations on the network. The news comes less than two weeks after Virgin Media announced that it had signed a deal to install Wi-Fi services to 120 […]

Mobile web site development

There has been a significant rise in mobile/smartphone ownership.  IMS research percives the total number of handsets is set to rise to over 1 billion by 2016.  In 2011 consumers were more likely to search through a mobile device than a pc. 10 years ago businesses started to see the potential on having a website for business. […]

iPad app development company London

Mobile app development companies in London are putting their rates up.  We have noticed clients coming to Bluestorm solutions and explaining the frusration of implementing a mobile stratagy and the costs asscosted with it. We pride our selves on quality high grade design coupled with superior project management along with London’s lowest rates at present […]

iPad HD due for launch today!

The ipad 3 or should we say the iPad HD is due for release today!  This is great news for the consumer or will it be a let down much like the iPhone 4s?  Rumors are circulating the internet as we speak that the iPad HD will feature a better screen resolution than the iPad […]

The Pros and Cons of Cross-Platform App Design

We live in a world of making stuff work for us in a quicker fashion.  This is starting to apply to mobile and tablet app design, but is this a good thing we here you ask?  Take a look at what our good friends at Mashable said on this very subject: Cross platform info: http://mashable.com/2012/02/16/cross-platform-app-design-pros-cons/ […]

Morgan Stanley Says Tablets are Having Adverse Effect

New analysis from investment bank Morgan Stanley suggests that the adoption of tablets in enterprise is having a definite impact on the decline of corporate printing. http://tabtimes.com/news/ittech-stats-research/2012/02/16/morgan-stanley-says-tablets-are-having-adverse-effect