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iBeacon London

Bluestorm have been busy behind the scenes working away and developing with the new technology available in the mobile world, called iBeacon also including  GEO targeted messaging! We know location-based data has been in the market for some time now for developers to experiment with, however only up and till the end of 2013, Apple have launched a service within their iOS (iPhone/iPad) architecture of using ibeacon services to trigger actions in App.

This enables and enhances the consumer mobile experience and accuracy of data acquisition in the enterprise.  This technology is also available on Android and Windows phones, Apple simply incorporated some clever code into their latest release of iOS8 (operating system), to further  develop and enhance ibeacon technology into the main stream Apple services.

So what are ibeacons? iBeacons offer a more targeted message from marketers. Taking into account context, location, user behaviour and user profile. This will increase the likelihood of conversion as the customer’s attention will be caught just at the right point of the journey.  

iBeacon: iBeacon is a brand name. You know, like Sellotape or Hoover. A brand name that will likely fall into our general vocabulary as the popularised name for a certain piece of technology.   iBeacon is a new technology developed by Apple, and here’s the spooky part: If you have an iOS7 enabled device, you already have an iBeacon.

iBeacons allows micro-location and close proximity based targeting. Essentially, the beacons simply trigger a dedicated mobile application on a smartphone or tablet to pinpoint a user’s exact location. This can then enable the application to deliver information that is contextually relevant to the physical space occupied by the beacon.   All these type of interactions are logged and recorded to provide businesses with a wealth of micro-location based analytics.  Picture this and get your self into the mindset of a retailer for a moment!  With iBeacons you have the ability to be able setup pre defined messages, which can then trigger an “action” which can be pre defined App content this could be a sound file, a media file, a voucher or ticket or simply just an alert or specific App or web  content.

So what does a beacon actually look like?  See the below image from a supplier called Esimote.


iBeacon Retail example: A user walks into a retail store. The user walks past the  handbag department and walks past a specific handbag they already looked at on. The retail brand has setup an “action” so if a user walks past this handbag area, and the user has looked at this product on line, then the “action” will be a message that is triggered to show on the users device.  This could be a voucher, a discount, or just a message such as: ” We understand you have looked at this recently on our online store and we are offering 20% off today on all handbags!” See the demo image below.. iBeacon image 1

Another case could be: Enterprise environments  Construction sites  A worker on a building site could clock in and out automatically using ibeacons using a staff enterprise App. The same environment could incorporate health and safety notices in particular zones for the company employees, so for example when the employees walk into a particular zone a message is sent to the device and shown on the users device as an alert outlining the potential dangers they are entering into.

Enterprise environments – Visitor locations  Museums pushing contextualized content to their App user base, such as information on a painting or product a user walks near.  Or football stadiums pushing score updates, facilities information and urgent updates of safety in particular zones of the stadium.  Airports and airlines pushing relevant location based content such as tickets or boarding passes for when the user walks near a check in desk. Or concert and event locations to enabling ticketing or discount codes and offers to be sent to the user at the event. ibeacon image 3 There are a wealth of opportunities based on ibeacon or GEO fence targeting messaging. To interact with a brand, employess and  audiences is vital in today’s competitive environment. To increase sales, customer engagement, loyalty and revenues is key in today’s mobile digital world.  Bluestorm can assist your brand via iBeacon or GEO fencing technology.

We are starting to see more and more installations of proximity marketing. It’s great to see a retailer understand that proximity marketing is not just about pushing discounts or incentives to purchase, but also about engaging visitors to enhance the brand experience, as well as creating an enhanced customer experience.

To see the power behind iBeacons we  offer an onsite demonstration.  

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