What is the point in having a mobile or web app if nobody knows about it and it doesn’t use all features to their advantage? Don’t worry – Bluestorm are mobile app developers who leave no stone unturned. Social media is one of the fastest growing phenomenon and can seriously improve awareness of your business and brand.

Worried that you don’t have a company page on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media site? Well don’t, because our designers are also a dab hand at creating eye-catching, professional looking pages on social media sites so that your users and customers can find you and follow you, getting regular updates and constantly being informed of your news and products. That means every time your page is updated with something new, your fans get told right that second! It’s effortless but highly effective.

With such possibilities, it seems unimaginable to have a website or app that doesn’t use this valuable technology that can drive sales, increase awareness and help you to communicate better with your fans, customers and users. It’s more important than ever to move with the times as technology is advancing faster than the speed of light.

Most importantly, we are able to offer full consultancy on how to run your social media strategy, which includes:

–        How best to engage with your customers correctly via social media

–        How best to run an effective social media strategy

–        Strategise what social sites would best suit your business.

–        Create a full 360 social media strategy to connect more with customers and increase sales