At Bluestorm, we have a highly creative nature, but at heart, we’re perfectionists. So we decided that rather than just create amazing apps and software and then leave you to it, we’d make sure that we are there to help you out if something goes wrong. We are ninjas and when something goes wrong, we put it right quick sharp – often before a problem was even noticed.

Our support service can be 24/7 service, because we know that online business is 24/7 too. When you’re open, we’re open. No ifs. No buts. All of our packages can be set up on a contractual on-going basis, so that your support is on-going as well. This means changes, updates, maintenance and support whenever you need on your digital solution.

Our pillars of support comprise of:

1.  Monthly Development Hours

2.  Digital onsite consultancy

3.  Dedicated project manager and development team

4. Server and infrastructure monitoring

5.  Membership to Bluestorm VIP club of services

6.  Strategy meetings

Don’t want to be like everyone else? That’s fine! Just like we design and develop bespoke apps, we also tailor bespoke support packages because we know you’re different and have different needs. No matter how big or small the problem, our passionate developers and IT dudes are always ready to lend a hand and fix the problem, or come up with a solution to an issue.

We strive to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Right from concept, to development, to deployment of any app, website or any other service, our support team are there, ready to offer top quality support service. Got a question? Then give us a ring to speak to our support ninjas and we’ll get to work right away on resolving your issues.